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This article is about the manga and anime franchise. For the title character, see Naruto Uzumaki.
Clockwise from top: Kakashi Hatake, Iruka Umino, Sakura Haruno, Naruto Uzumaki, and Sasuke Uchiha
NARUTO - ナルト -
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Manga: Naruto
Author Masashi Kishimoto
Publisher Flag of Japan Shueisha
[show]Other publishers:
Flag of Canada Flag of the United Kingdom Flag of the United States Viz Media

Flag of the Republic of China Tong Li Comics
Flag of Hong Kong Rightman
Flag of South Korea Daiwon C.I.
Flag of Poland JPF
Flag of France Flag of Quebec Flag of the Netherlands Kana
Flag of Germany Flag of Denmark Carlsen Comics
Flag of Hungary Mangafan
Flag of Italy Panini Comics (Planet Manga)
Flag of Malaysia Comics House, Komik Remaja
Flag of Singapore Chuang Yi (Chinese)
Flag of Spain Flag of Catalonia Glénat
Flag of Indonesia Elex Media Komputindo
Flag of Norway Flag of Sweden Schibsted Forlagene
Flag of Brazil Panini Comics
Flag of Finland Sangatsu Manga
Flag of MexicoMundo Vid
Demographic Shōnen
Serialized in Flag of Japan Weekly Shonen Jump

Flag of the United States Flag of Canada Flag of GermanyShonen Jump
Flag of NorwayFlag of SwedenFlag of the NetherlandsShonen Jump
Flag of Malaysia Weekly Comic
Flag of South Korea Comic Champ
Original run November 1999 – ongoing
Volumes 41 volumes with 393 chapters
TV anime: Naruto
Director Hayato Date
Studio Studio Pierrot
Licensor Flag of Japan Aniplex
Flag of the United States Viz Media
Flag of the United Kingdom Manga Entertainment
Network Flag of Japan Animax, TV Tokyo
[show]Other networks:
Flag of the United StatesFlag of ArgentinaFlag of the Dominican RepublicFlag of Mexico Cartoon Network

Flag of Canada YTV
Flag of Australia Network Ten,Cartoon Network
Flag of Brazil Cartoon Network,SBT
Flag of Chile Chilevision,Cartoon Network
Flag of the United Kingdom Jetix (UK)
Flag of Poland Jetix (Poland)
Flag of Hungary Jetix (Hungary)
Flag of Romania Jetix (Romania)
Flag of France GameOne
Flag of Germany RTL II
Flag of Hong Kong TVB Music, TVB Jade
Flag of Italy Italia 1
Flag of Indonesia Global TV
Flag of South Korea Tooniverse
Flag of Malaysia TV3, Astro Ria
Flag of the Philippines ABS-CBN, Studio 23, Hero TV, Cartoon Network
Flag of Peru Cartoon Network, America
Flag of Singapore E City
Flag of Spain Jetix, Cuatro
Flag of the Republic of China CTS
Flag of Israel Children Channel
Flag of Quebec Télétoon (Fall 2007)
Flag of Sweden ZTV
Flag of Denmark DR (Danmarks Radio)
Original run October 3, 2002 – February 8, 2007
Episodes 220
TV anime: Naruto Shippūden
Director Hayato Date
Studio Studio Pierrot
Licensor Flag of Japan Aniplex
Network Flag of Japan Animax, TV Tokyo
[show]Other networks:
Flag of the Philippines ABS-CBN
Original run February 15, 2007 – ongoing
Episodes 50 (as of March 14, 2008)
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Naruto (NARUTO - ナルト -, Naruto? romanized as NARUTO in Japan) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto with an anime adaptation. The main character, Naruto Uzumaki, is a loud, hyperactive, unpredictable adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and aspires to become a Hokage, the ninja in the village acknowledged as the leader and the strongest of all.